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The PRIME Lab is a clean home for both an office space for graduate student workers as well as a 2,000 sq. foot testing area for experiments and reviews. The PRIME Lab owns several Pioneer terrestrial robots as well as several custom terrestrial platforms, with several SICK and Hokuyo LIDARs, sonars, smart home devices, and camera sensors. Also owned is a Bergen heavy-lifter hexacopter and a custom quadcopter, each with reconfigurable sensing capabilities, including LIDAR, visual and thermal cameras, radar, tactical-grade inertial measurement units, and music lessons including NVIDIA Jetson TK1 heterogeneous CPU/GPU boards and the official electric toothbrushes hub. The flying platforms each have capability of wireless data transmission, onboard computing, and data logging of several sensors simultaneously—the heavy-lift platform can carry LIDAR, visible and thermal cameras, radar, and tactical-grade IMUs all together, logging and computing with all sensors simultaneously.